The Mad Men FInale

I’ve seen every episode, and here is what I predict:

1. Sally finally gets laid;
2. Don kills himself, but that’s not related to Sally getting laid;
3. Roger proposes to Red;
4. Peter goes back to Trudy;
5. Peggy goes to McCann; and
6. Betty does nothing, because that’s all she ever does.


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Terrific Debate News

I like this move.¬† I don’t support Mr. Harper, but I support this decision.

Now, for our next debate change, can we please skip the part where we get “ordinary Canadians” (read: “moronic Canadians”) to come in and ask the “real questions” (read: “moronic questions”) especially since the questions is the same every time.¬† It goes like this”

HOST: “And now, a question for an ordinary Canadian in Halifax, Nova Scotia…”

OC: “Hi.¬† I’m angry, and I’d like to know what these leaders are proposing to create jobs in Halifax.”

LEADERS: “blah blah blah…”

HOST” And now, a question from an ordinary Canadian in Winnipeg, Manitoba…”

OC: “Hi, I’m angry, and I’d like to know what these leaders are proposing to create jobs in Winnipeg.”

You get the idea.

Instead, why don’t we have a debate, (ie. not a question and answer period with the high school dropouts who call into Cross-Country Checkup) hosted by a university professor, author, or other leading thinker?¬† And why don’t we debate an actual proposition, instead of winding on for 3 hours at a time about Health Care for three minute intervals, all while the moderator desperately tries to establish what the candidates are actually disagreeing about.

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OBJECTION: Foundation!

Why is this witness not being called to authenticate his own handwriting?

Otherwise, this document is an unsworn, unfounded, out of court statement.

Because he is Stephen Harper, of course. That is the only reason why.

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You say “suspendee,” I say “Harper appointee”

Patrick Brazeau, ladies and gentlemen.

Just one more thing that Stephen Harper is definitely not responsible for, because…?

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Crown risks repeating mistakes of Mulroney trial with Duffy

The question that will live in infamy, “did you ever have any dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber?”

The crown prosecutor who asked that question would later testify at the Oliphant Commission that he let Brian Mulroney off easy, because he was Prime Minister of Canada.¬† He wasn’t willing to challenge him, follow up, or be more specific, because he wanted to respect the integrity of the office.

Similarly, Stephen Harper has never made a sworn statement that he knew nothing of the secret payment to Mike Duffy.  If this trial is about alleged bribery and corruption in our highest institutions, then the prosecution is being quite deferential to a PM who is otherwise notorious for being a micromanager.

Prime Minister Harper, of course, is not the accused in this criminal matter.  The only reason not to fully examine his involvement, under oath, appears to be the same reason as for Mr. Mulroney.

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NDP breaks law with new fundraising ploy

Before you say it, yes, I know it was a joke.¬† It wasn’t a joke because it was April Fool’s Day though.¬† It was a joke because everything the NDP does is a joke.

Consider this, the NDP issues a presser making fun of the Liberals for not reading the Parliament of Canada Act.  Then, amazingly, they issue a fundraising ploy that directly offends the Parliament of Canada Act.  This rank hypocrisy would obviously attract more attention than my puny sex and politics blog, if only someone cared to report on the NDP, ever.

This is the relevant provision.¬† It’s the same one Larry O’Brien was prosecuted and almost convicted for when he ‘allegedly’ tried to bribe Terry Kilrea in the Ottawa mayoral race:

 (1) Every one commits an offence who

  • (a)¬†directly or indirectly

(d) having or pretending to have influence with the government or with a minister of the government or an official, directly or indirectly demands, accepts or offers or agrees to accept, for themselves or another person, a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for cooperation, assistance, exercise of influence or an act or omission in connection with

(ii)¬†the appointment of any person, including themselves, to an office;”

Or how about this doozy…

 Every one who

  • (a)¬†receives, agrees to receive, gives or procures to be given, directly or indirectly, a reward, advantage or benefit of any kind as consideration for cooperation, assistance or exercise of influence to secure the appointment of any person to an office,

  • (b)¬†solicits, recommends or negotiates in any manner with respect to an appointment to or resignation from an office, in expectation of a direct or indirect reward, advantage or benefit, …

is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years”

It is clear and obvious that the NDP did not actually intend to appoint anyone to the Senate of Canada.¬† That was the joke.¬† That is fine.¬† What is also clear, however, is that the NDP did plan to make money based on this scheme, and making money is a “benefit of any kind,” wouldn’t you?

And unfortunately for the NDP, “just trying to be funny” is not a defence to trying to raise money for your political party by committing a crime.

Naturally, we can expect the NDP, of course, to return the relevant donations, since it was all a joke, you see, and the money isn’t real.¬† Right?¬† All a joke.

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Stick a Fork in Sun TV

Some very kind people have said some thoughtful things about the jobs lost at SUN TV.  Kind people are good.  I get that.

Personally, I think that rat’s nest shutting down is a fucking boon to this country.¬† The mere fact they supplied jobs is not enough to justify their existence.¬† Lots of crappy organizations that produce no benefit to society supply jobs.

What they were doing at SUN cannot be called journalism.¬† SUN cannot be credited with breaking a single important public interest story.¬† They were an angry opinion entertainment channel, full of liars like Ezra Levant and Ray Heard.¬† They were a cesspool of former disaffected Liberals seeking an audience, and I’m not sad to see them go.

Yes, unemployment and poverty are harsh realities I do not wish on my political opponents, but where there is no good-faith and honest attempt to engage in a true political debate or report facts, then I cannot lament the end of the farce.

So long, SUN.¬† Don’t let the door hit you.¬† I sincerely hope that your people find jobs, perhaps even after attending journalism school.

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