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Predictions for 2015

The New Year Cometh!  Here is what I’m divining, as I sit in various states of undress, contemplating my semi-nude universe: 1. Justin Trudeau will become Prime Minister of Canada.  He’s the best, so he’ll win. 2. Pope Francis will be … Continue reading

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No More Paikining, Please!

New rule everyone, if you want to take a giant dump on a political party by way of a Breakup Note – I’m looking at you, Warren Kinsella – you have to at least have been in some way formally … Continue reading

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Oh David Bertschi….

When I suggested that he might sue the party, he didn’t seem to get that I WAS MAKING FUN OF HIM.  I didn’t want him to ACTUALLY TAKE MY ADVICE. I was being SARCASTIC and making fun of him for … Continue reading

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What Will David Bertschi Do Next?

Being a pain in the ass is a talent, and David Bertschi’s talent has earned him some b-list placement in obscure parts of the Internet.  He’s trying though, so let’s give him a little credit. E for effort! He’s running … Continue reading

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