Stick a Fork in Sun TV

Some very kind people have said some thoughtful things about the jobs lost at SUN TV.  Kind people are good.  I get that.

Personally, I think that rat’s nest shutting down is a fucking boon to this country.  The mere fact they supplied jobs is not enough to justify their existence.  Lots of crappy organizations that produce no benefit to society supply jobs.

What they were doing at SUN cannot be called journalism.  SUN cannot be credited with breaking a single important public interest story.  They were an angry opinion entertainment channel, full of liars like Ezra Levant and Ray Heard.  They were a cesspool of former disaffected Liberals seeking an audience, and I’m not sad to see them go.

Yes, unemployment and poverty are harsh realities I do not wish on my political opponents, but where there is no good-faith and honest attempt to engage in a true political debate or report facts, then I cannot lament the end of the farce.

So long, SUN.  Don’t let the door hit you.  I sincerely hope that your people find jobs, perhaps even after attending journalism school.

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