Crown risks repeating mistakes of Mulroney trial with Duffy

The question that will live in infamy, “did you ever have any dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber?”

The crown prosecutor who asked that question would later testify at the Oliphant Commission that he let Brian Mulroney off easy, because he was Prime Minister of Canada.  He wasn’t willing to challenge him, follow up, or be more specific, because he wanted to respect the integrity of the office.

Similarly, Stephen Harper has never made a sworn statement that he knew nothing of the secret payment to Mike Duffy.  If this trial is about alleged bribery and corruption in our highest institutions, then the prosecution is being quite deferential to a PM who is otherwise notorious for being a micromanager.

Prime Minister Harper, of course, is not the accused in this criminal matter.  The only reason not to fully examine his involvement, under oath, appears to be the same reason as for Mr. Mulroney.

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